Rural Inflation 2022

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Impact of Inflation on Rural Household Expenses in the U.S., June 2020-2022

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David J. Peters
Iowa State Extension and Outreach, Rural Sociology Bulletin STR 1063

The current wave of inflation has made rural families more vulnerable than urban families due to rising gasoline prices, higher fuel oil costs to heat their homes, and the ability to purchase less expensive used cars. Between June 2000 and 2022, rural household expenses rose by 18.5% overall, but earnings were not able to keep pace at 6.1%. The net effect cut rural discretionary incomes by 49.1%. Expenses now consume 91% of rural take-home pay. Urban disposable income only dropped by 13% due to slower expense gains (14.5%) and faster wage gains (8.6%).

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Publication Date: 07/15/2022