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Rural Iowa at a Glance 2022

  Rural Iowa at a Glance – Population Trends Publication summarizes current demographic and population trends for Iowa’s metro, micropolitan, and rural areas. Easy to understand charts show trends between 2011 to 2021. Purpose is to quickly inform policymakers and the public about key issues facing Iowa. Indicators include: population, births and deaths, migration, age … Continue reading Rural Iowa at a Glance 2022

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Rural Inflation 2022

Impact of Inflation on Rural Household Expenses in the U.S., June 2020-2022 Read the report here STR1063.PDF David J. Peters Iowa State Extension and Outreach, Rural Sociology Bulletin STR 1063 The current wave of inflation has made rural families more vulnerable than urban families due to rising gasoline prices, higher fuel oil costs to heat … Continue reading Rural Inflation 2022

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Census 2020 Population by Race

Population Trends by Race and Ethnicity: Findings from the 2020 Census Peters, D.  ISU Extension and Outreach: SOC3098. How diverse is Iowa? What role does diversity play in our state’s population growth? These are important questions as new residents are essential for Iowa to have a thriving economy and quality of life. The U.S. Census … Continue reading Census 2020 Population by Race